LF Redistributor w/ SNTNL anointment

I’ll take what I can get, but I’d really like one with a SNTNL anointment - “gain 50% of damage as bonus cryo”.

I have any variation of it with SNTNL

Whats your list of items you got?

I’d be easier to ask what you’re looking for. I’ve got a wide variety of weapons, shields, etc. almost all are anointed, although many are Zane-specific anointments.

Can u post a picture of one?

I have shock, corrosive, radiated, and Cryo Redistributors with the STNL anointment.

Do you have these with STNL Cryo 100%:
-Fire Dictator
-Cryo Queen’s Call
-Shock Cutsman
-Stop Gap w/ 15% STNL Movement speed
-Ice Breaker Victory Rush w/ Mag Size

These are all modded, the damage can’t be that high especially not on the RAD once since RAD always has the lowest base Damage and Cryo the highest.
If u check the weapon parts i bet you theres a Barrel accessoires seperated from the other barrels wich is the indicator for modded weapons. bra2ha

Really? These were traded to me…I’ll check

Edit: Mines have lower mag size, and with most weapons that equates to higher damage…higher mag sizes generally have lower damage…lookin at other SMGs I farmed, they have barrel accessories separated from barrel…I think you’re wrong

No im not wrong, these are definitely modded. Lower mag size doesn’t equates more damage on a anointed Redistributor. Yours just have an extra damage barrel accessoires added wich is not possible.
I also know who modded those.

I know about this 601 Redistrs, that’s why I ask for a picture )
What do u want for these original?

So you confirm that they’re modded?

100% (
Have 2 of them, now looking for originals

What Bra2ha said…what do u want for just the rad and cryo versions of these…I don’t want to use modded gear

I have a shock cutsman. It’s a Binary Hazardous Cutsman.

The only Victory Rush’s I have are Fire Stone & Toxic Revenger.

Tell you what…I’ll just give em to you…but I only have the legit Radiated Distributor…every other one (apparently) is modded.

Add me: WxndaBread

That’d be awesome. Thank you.

I’ve added you.

Thank you SO much, Wxnda. I was really Jonesing for a Redistributor. It works very well. Just finished back-to-back M4 runs of the Takedown. The gun was a killer.

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No problem, man :v: