LF Redistributor


LF Redistributor (Smg) Normal any element or annointed on ASE.

Plenty of gear to trade. Just let me know what you need.


I have all except a normal with 100% damage on ASE do you have a rad/cryo kybs worth or shock and fire kings call?

Got a 591 Cryo Redistributor with 125 to Badass on ASE.

Do you have a Bounty Hunter with Weapon Dmg, Splash Dmg and Heavy Dmg?
An artifact with Heavy Dmg, AOE Dmg and ASCR?
Or Lumps x2 with ASE annointments?

Greetings K.


hello, i have what you’re looking for

do you have any headsplosion ?

or shock rowan’s call 100%/50% ase ?