LF | Redistributors

Looking for annointed Redistributors in shock, corrosive and fire. Annointments preferably Zane or ASE

Have tons and tons to trade, let me know what you need! Thanks!

Got a corrosive and fire with 100% ase. Got any anointed x2 ion cannons?

I do have annointed x2 ions. Do you have a rad Redistributor? Have all the elements in 100% dmg ase but need a rad one. Doesnt have to be annoited

I would really like an anointed x2 ion corrosive, I have rad redistributor in 100% dmg ase they are unfortunately NOT in Zane tho

I have an annoited cryo x2 ion with 125% splash dmg after action skill

If your last post was not for me ignore this, but if it was, do you still have a 100% ase Recursion?

I literally -just- traded it. I have 100% ASE cutsmans, Redistributors, maggie, brainstormer

I have all of those and just got a redundant brainstormer sntnl . I tell you what, lets back up to your cryo ion. If you will still trade that, what redistributor do you want for it?

I have every element except radiation. I’m also currently farming ion cannons so I can give you the cryo and when I get a x2 bio I can send it to you as well

sounds like a plan, fr sent

Just accepted. I’ll send it to ya now brother, thanks again! And as soon as I get a annexed bio ion I’ll send it right to ya

Sent! Thanks again

Also do you need a cryo Lucians call?

I have a cryo one but its not anointed. I had someone ask about trading me one earlier but he hasn’t responded back yet

I have a few I think with sntl annoints, I’ll send what I have to you in a few when I get to sanctuary

I sent you a shield with sntnl, thought maybe you could use it until you get the transformer one you’re after

Awesome I appreciate the re router, I’ll send it back to you when I get the transformer. I sent you a Lucians call with cryo dmg, I had more but dont know where they are. I also have a annointed cryo queens call with cryo dmg when sntl is active

I just got a bio x2 ion non annointed though. You want it for the time being?

ion cannon is a no, I have one 2x anointed but I would love the queens call? Oh no need to send the shield back, its yours

No prob, sending now

Thank you. Do you mind if I ask what Zane build you’re setting up? I only ask cause I may be able to offer other gear. I don’t have a lot because I just recently started using Zane but I’ll help if I can.