LF: RedLine Shotgun, DP Craps , Globtr Launcher, x2 Beacon, Lightspeed

I’d do things for any of those. Unspeakable things.
Splash anointment on all the weapons would be ideal.
Radiation would be appreciated on them too.
Cryo could potentially be acceptable.
Consec. Hits anoint acceptable too
Elemental Crit Hits could work I guess

I have a bunch of stuff. Mainly Fl4k anointed and general anointed things (Meaning no Zane/Amara things). I could probably get Moze things off a friend if necessary. Some select Terror stuff too.

Thank You.

What kind of lightspeed were you looking for? I have a bunch.

Radiation/Cryo w/ On Grenade Thrown?
I’m not too familiar with the nade, s’why I want one lol.

Lemme check I think I have a got on at least 1

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If ya got anything also let me know what I can get for ya.

I have a cryo ogt my psn is R4y2a1n and I’ll just toss this over to you, if you happen to have a it’s piss with ase apply terror or a Elemental Projector with mag and pistol DMG I could go for either but no biggie

I’ll send a request soon. I know I have no Piss nades, but I’ll check the Ele. Projectors, I have a few but not sure of the bonuses.

Ok for sure

Your name is ipayufrenz?

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Yes. That’s me.

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K sending now

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Interested in this?

Sorry, I’m not. URad and Shock are 2 things I don’t really use.
Thanks though.

I’ll take that if you don’t need. Just lemme know what you need in return :+1:

Do you have fire hunter seeker that divides in at least 2? Or terror ammo regen lucky 7 or red suit?Psychostabber with good anoint for melee?

Well 300/90 applies to melee. I can send you a psycho stabber w that or a mitosis hunter seeker. So yes. Just lemme know what you want.

if your mitosis is fire element I ll take it. Otherwise psychostabber 300/90
my gamertag is RHAAAALoovely I ll send you the shotty in a few minutes