LF: REDLINE w/ Splash ASE or ConsecHits, DP Prompt Critical w/ Splash + SHIELDS w/ ASS anoints

  • DP Prompt-Critical w/ Splash or Consecutive Hits (Rad/Cryo)
  • Redundant Convergence w/ Consecutive Hits (Rad/Cryo)
  • Rad Redline (Splash anoint or Consecutive Hits). I’d settle for Fire, Corrosive, or Cryo ones too (just no vanilla )
  • Any Shield with 3x Adaptive perks
  • Globetrotter Rad/Cryo/Corrosive w/ Splash anoint
  • Nova Burner w/ 2x Nova perks and ASS anoint
  • Version0.m w/ Capacity+Nova and ASS anoint (Any element)
  • Torch w/ 2x Nova and ASS anoint
  • Void Rift w/ 2x Nova and ASS anoint
  • Frozen Heart with Nova when entering/exiting Iron Bear.

I have mostly Fl4k anointed things and mods, bunch of Artifacts and Grenades, and random weapons w/ generic anointments (non-character specific anointments). Ask and I’ll let ya know if I have it.

I have 300/90 Stabber and Face puncher. Do you have any fish slaps?

Yes. I have some. Rad and Shock .

I’ve got the rad Beast CH1. Do you happen to have a L65 St4kbot with Wep dmg/AS cooldown/mag size?

Gonna check and see but I doubt mine are that good lol

Ok I don’t have one with those 3, but I have a lv60 with weapon damage, AS cool down, and weapon fire rate and a lv57 with weapon damage, weapon crit damage, and mag size.

I have the facepunchers both x7 and x14

And what are you looking for ?

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Happy to share without trading. But am looking for FPs with terror damage/fire rate x7 & x14. Also have FPs with consec hits (x7 & x14) Have phaseslam melee FP x7. Have terror crit FP x7. Have a killer Muse, Breaker, Driver Bounty Hunter, Cosmic Stalker, Phasezerker, all with melee/splash passives. Have fishslaps all elements (lvl 60 M10 :wink: )

iPayUrFrenZ is my psn if you wanna add moi.

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FR will come from my Muletastic account. Do you want any of the coms?

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Okie Donkey

I’ll take the L60 COM! I’ll mail u the Beast. PSN: bigpurp70

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Great I’ll send it over. Thanks.

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Still lookin’ for the remaining things in the OP if anyone wants to help feed this vault hunter gear for just pennies a day.

I have 2 peregrines for you and maybe convergence cryo CH. I’ll add you

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Thanks, man. Let me know if there’s anything I can toss your way, assuming I have it.

Maybe the psycho stabber 300/90 if someone gave you one. Not in need of something special. Check your box :wink:

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Thanks man. I haven’t gotten one yet, but when I do I’ll hit you up.

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Got like every anoint possible on a Stabber except the 300/90.
Redlines every element except Rad.
SOmebody put me out of my misery lol