Lf redundant brainstormer 65 gamma

have alot of 100 rakk 65 gamma fl4k class mods recursions or let me know what ur after i may have it, also a few epc guns like maggie, duc, row, luc, queens, recurs, face.

I think I have a redundant brainstormer with 100 after rakk attack. I will check when I get home tonight. Looking for a brainstormer with 65 while gamma burst is active or a Maggie with the same annoint

i have maggie, but now u mention it 65 gamma would be nice 2! so anyone reading this 65 gamma also

I have Brainstormer with gamma

I have the Brainstormer you want
Gt AZZBlood4Fun

what are u looking for

Rakk pack mod with 25 percent weapon damage increase
It’s piss anointed
Good last stand auto idol
Rakk Brainstormer

i have rakk brain but not redundant unfortunately

Wanna swap Brainstormers ?

let me just boot the game up and make sure im not lying, gimme 5 and ill get back to you

havent found it yet so maybe i was wrong sorry.

Yo i have 65 gamma maggie redundant brainstormer 65 gamma, cutsman 65 gamma, x3 kybs 65 gamma… I need a 65 gamma spooling x2 recursion hit me up…

Have 65 gamma but not x2

What element

Rad and cryo I think

U want the redundant for it???

Id prefer corrosive though

I have corr shock 125 splash X2

I need gamma burst recursion

Ok just the one I said if u want it