LF Redundant Brainstormer (And Others) Small Stash to trade

GT: Lord Drewbie

LF Redundant Brainstormer *x14 (Preferably
50% cryo Anoint)

LF Redistributor (corrosive or rad) w/50% cryo from SNTNL

LF Seein’ Dead (Preferably with 4-5 Donnybrook, and Great to God bonuses)

LF Ice Breaker Victory Rush (Godroll or close)

Items I have to trade

MOARR Linage 463*4 w/50% Cryo Anoint

Dastardly Unforgiven w/ BARRIER 60% acc, 30% crit Anoint

Dastardly Maggie w/ BARRIER 60% acc, 30% crit Anoint

Snowdrift Splattergun (50% shotgun w/slide, 17heavy,27 cryo eff, 16cryo dmg)

Electric Banjo (16 shock dmg, 29 shock res)

MOARR Linage 535*4 w/ Extra shot on Terror Anoint

Nuclear Infinity w/ Extra shot on Terror Anoint

Firesale Long Musket ++ w/ 50% cryo Anoint

Stimulating Gratifying Laser-Sploder w/1% dmg on consec hits Anoint

Cost-Effective Amplified Q-System 1136*2 w/ Increased dmg and firerate with Terror Anoint

Redundant Face-Puncher *14 w/ 50% cryo with SNTNL

Subsidized Savvy Fearmonger *8 (corrosive)w/ Extra projectile with Terror Anoint

Speedloadin Hellwalker w/ 50% cryo with SNTNL Anoint

Annexed Ruthless Lyuda 997*2(incendiary) w/100% melee dmg on skill end Anoint.

AutoAimè (1337 dmg) (incendiary) w/ 50% cryo from SNTNL Anoint

Annexed Ferocious Lyuda 985*2 w/ extra projectile from Terror Anoint.

Annexed Vicious Lyuda 1130*2 No Amnointment :frowning:

Vigilant AutoAimè (1847) w/ On action skill end 125% dmg to Named Anoint.

Tamed AutoAimè (2258) w/1% dmg from consec hits Anoint

Sprint Rough Rider (10%movement while depleted) w/ 15% while SNTNL active Anoint

Rain Firestorm /regen 1 grenade Anoint

I believe I have the brainstormer your looking for. (While sntl active do bonus cryo) I believe it’s redundant but I will have to check on that. I will check later tonight. I also have Maggie with this annoint if your interested. I will take the rough rider if I have what your looking for.

I’ll still be willing to take that trade for a brainstormer as long as it’s the redundant one. If it’s not annointed or the prefered anoint that’s okay still.