LF Redundant Brainstormer and Redundant Butcher, Anointed Hedgehog/Quickie

Looking for a Redundant Brainstormer and a Redundant Butcher (Incendiary, Cryo, Radiation or NE), anointments entirely optional.

Also, this one is probably alot rarer, but I’m looking for a x2 Incendiary Hedgehog/Quickie with Splash DMG Anointment.

Am willing to trade the following items:

Anointed Stuff:

  • NE Annexed Lyuda (A; +250% Phasecast)
  • Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (A: +250% Phasecast)
  • Cryo Lucian’s Call (A: +100% damage after Rakk Attack)
  • Incendiary Rowan’s Call (A: +25% Crit Damage)
  • Incendiary Cutsman (A: +100% Weapon Damage after ASE)
  • Corrosive Cutsman (A: +60% Cryo SNTL)
  • Dastardly Maggie (A: +50% Radiation Dmg)
  • Incendiary Crossroads (A: +50% Radiation Dmg)
  • Corrosive Crossroads (A: +50% Shock Dmg)
  • Quickdraw Monocle (A: +50% Incendiary Dmg)
  • Quickdraw Monocle (A; +100% Weapon Dmg ASE)
  • Night Hawkin (A: +65% Rad Dmg during Gamma Burst)
  • Deep Dive Face Puncher (A: +100% Weapon Dmg ASE)
  • Hornet (A: +100% Dmg after Rakk Attack)
  • NE Scourge (A: +100% Dmg after Rakk Attack)
  • Incendiary Conference Call (A: +100% Dmg after Rakk Attack)
  • Flakker (A: +50% Cryo Dmg)
  • Q-System (+125% Dmg to Badasses ASE)
  • Brawler Ward (A: +200% Melee Dmg after Phaseslam)

Terror Anointed

  • Companion (A: Extra Projectile)
  • Transformer (A: Health Regen)
  • Whispering Ice (A: Terror after ASE)


  • Phasezerker (Weapon Dmg, Weapon FR, Shotgun Dmg)
  • Stalker (Weapon Dmg, AS Cooldown)


  • Redundant Facepuncher
  • Monocle with 1687 damage
  • Elemental Projector Moxxi’s Endowment (+40% Mag Size)
  • Otto Idol (+40% Mag Size, +21% CDR)
  • Cutpurse White Elephant
  • Annexed Vicious Lyuda (Incendiary, 947x2)

I know you don’t have any listed here, but do you have any anointed King’s calls you’d be willing to trade for an anointed Redundant Brainstormer?