LF Redundant***** Brainstormer Anointed

lf the next 2 mags are incendiary anointment, can trade you something you probably want/need.

Trading ceased

no way ur a god thats it

u dont need anything?

Holy heck that’s a nice Brainstormer ! Tell me if you ever get another one lol

@jakedennis877 @CptKirbyy
Let me know your Epic names and I’ll send one to you. :slight_smile:

Same as my name here, CptKirbyy with two "y"s :slight_smile:

its : im deja
i added u

rip it glitched when you sent it… :frowning:

I might have sent the wrong one. Send it back and I’ll check what I’ve got.
You want one that make any skill give incendiary?

yes thx ill send it back rn


hello there do you still got one of those brainstormers ?

Do you have another Redundant Brainstormer? Blinglwinsky on Epic Games

Heya, looking for rabid bounty Hunter class mod with jakobs perks like I seen in other post, I added milley on epic, been farming every boss I can think of, epic name NEEDMODLOL please help. I have heaps of awesome lvl50 legendaries, 3 diff Rowan’s calls etc, add me and I’ll help too. Sorry to invade the post

If you just so happen to have another brainstormer laying around, you could always send one to me =) TaRd413 is my epic ID

I’m looking for a redundant brainstormer with 50% fire or corrosive on AS end. please send to 7GSaint on epic games!

Hi here , i’m looking for one of these beauties , ideally with 50% fire on phase lock end or skill end. Ekiimoz on Epic. Ty