Lf Redundant Brainstormer ASE 50% element dmg

Any element at this point is good . 5 days farmimgs

I may have some anointed gear you want or coms. Got alot failing to get the topic drop

Psn goldstarlestelle


i have redundant 100 damage ase

I could trade for that better than the one I have. What are you looking for ?

But to others, still wtt for a topic title one

Got a Redundant Brainstormer 50% cryo on ASE I don’t even use. It’s yours if you want it

I would like that one please!. Thank you!

PSN: EzioILMentore

FR Sent. I do have alot of stuff. Anything you are looking for? May have it

Psn: goldstarlestelle

Could use Redistributors with gamma anoint or Iron Bear Incendiary anoint, but don’t sweat it I was just doing that to help. Like I said I’m not using that weapon so it’ll help you more

Man i have been selling those redistribs. Ill keep a lookout.

Only thing close that i have w those annoints

RAD Polybius
Gamma Burst active +115% bonus rad dmg

Shocking Kaos
Exit Iron Bear next 2 mags 125% incediary dmg