LF Redundant Butcher with Cryo lvl 50

Hey, looking for a redundant butcher for Zane with cryo element and if possible the anointed version that adds 50% cryo damage. If anyone has it I’d appreciate it! Trading legendaries that I have for it

I am looking for good relics with cryo efficiency and cryo damage, magazine size or move speed or assault rifle damage.

Or show me what legendaries you have I might need something.

Dont have any cryo relics, here are legend weapons I can trade

Anointed The Duc (swap reload)
Anointed Magnificent (increased fire rate/reload)
Anointed Unforgiven (50× damage as cryo)
Queens call
Anointed Cutsman Fire (25x critical damage increase)
Radiation Element Crossroads
Shocking cutsman
Conference call
Storm front
Spring epicenter

Lemme know if anything from that is fine