LF: Redundant Convergence ch1, Old God with matching Element ASE, +MORE. [H] Lots


  • Redundant Convergence CH1 anointment
  • DP Prompt Critical (w/ Element) 200% bonus Splash
  • Smog smg (rad/cryo/corrosive) ch1 or any good generic anoint
  • Globetrotr x6 w/ Splash (w/ element)
  • Redundant Brainstormer or Reflux w/ Elemental Critical Hits anoint
  • Old God (Cryo, Corrosive, Fire, Shock) w/ matching Element on ASE
  • Torch, Void Rift, Nova Berner, Revenganator, w/ DOUBLE NOVA and Action Skill Start. Version0.m w/ Capacity+Nova and ASS.


  • Fl4k mods
  • Psycho Stabbers and Face-Punchers
  • Flippers, Complex Roots, Beacons, Beasts
  • Bunch of grenades and shields w/ all sorts of anointment.

I have almost all convergences in x8 CH, rainbow 50/150 smogs, rainbow old gods with matching ASEs, void rift, double nova nova berner, and supergiant 0.m with ASS. I also have the torch and revengenator with ASS but they’re not double nova.

Have you got one pump chumps?

No, sadly. I haven’t farmed for a One Pump Chump since about a year ago lol. Sorry.
If there’s anything else, please let me know. If not, thanks for the reply regardless.

Le bump

Also forgot to add that I’d appreciate a decent Artifact with both Grenade AND Area-of-Effect damage on it.

By decent I mean not Moxxi’s Endowment, Deathless, and such.

By any chance is there a cryo terror among your psychostabber?

I think I had to dump it due to space constraints. Sorry.
Only got to keep 300/90, melee ASE, and Apply Terror ASE.

Thanks for the reply… too bad frankly I d have farmed you anything to have that. Sick and tired of killing Borman Nate

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