LF Redundant Facepuncher; have Cryo Stone White Elephant

Anyone found a world-dropped Redundant Facepuncher 300/90 or some other decent anoint (nothing modded – is that even a thing?) Found a Cryo Stone White Elephant (+31% melee damage anoint) & am trying to build a facepuncher build around it. Best I have is a Deep Dive one with “while Action Skill Active, +200% weapon damage” I’m wondering how adding a Redundant would fare?

Also found I could still farm L65 Wedding Invitations and got a few extra +250% weapon damage after phasecast. PM me! I’ll check back eventually.

I have a 300/90 of both a x7 and x14, add my psn R4y2a1n and I’ll send you when I get back home in over a hour

Cool! I’ll send you a friend request (needed to send I guess?) See if my Slaughter Shaft goes quicker with a redundant). Let me know if you are interested in any of the items I mentioned (the Cryo Stone White Elephant or anything you might be looking for that I might have).