LF Redundant Facepuncher, Psycho Stabber & Moar Linage with Phaseslam Melee Annointment

Have lots of great weapons and what not to trade for Fl4k and Zane. SNTL Redistributors, ase 100% Recursions, shields, etc. Please either reply here or hit me up on PS4 LouisDG89_

I have a redundant Face-puncher with 200% melee on ase

Awesome. What would you like in return?

What do you have for redistributors

Corrosive, Shock and Cryo 49 mag size. Radiation 38 mag size, Fire 27 mag Size. All have SNTL Cryo Annointment. Also have a Cryo Cheap Tips with same annoint.

You have any rakk attack wepons for fl4k

I have a few. Not sure which off the top of my head though.

Ill take the redistributor radiation if there are no rak attack anointed

Add me on PSN?

It said i cant send one because of your settings or is it the one with TTV

Strange, can you give me yours? I checked my settings and there are no blocks.


Invite me when ready.

I have a 200% phaseslam fire MOARR Linoge if interested

I am, is it also 120% base melee damage? Sorry for late reply. Was trading with someone in-game.

Aww, not the one I need, im sorry.

What do you need though? I might still be able to help you.

Only things I’m really wanting right now are SNTNL + 50% Cryo annointed Corrosive Cutsman and same Annointed radiation Redistributor

I can trade you both of those when I get home later.

That’d be awesome! Psn = Dartdodge