LF Restributer Cyro

Ideally looking for a Restributer cyro with SNTL 100% cyro damage.

I have that redistributor, got any of the new takedown gear?

Unfortunately not :frowning: I am finding it hard to do it. What gear you after or just new takedown gear?

I play zane so good M10 sntl 100 or 50/150 rad gear. Soulrenders, back burners, plaguebearers, or any of the gear dropped by wotan

Cryo with cryo? thats really bad combination.

If you can’t find anything that I’m looking for no worries, send me a friend request and I will send you the gun, cheers

Thanks very much, il send you friend request, let you know what I got

How come? With my Zane works fine

Better to use two different elements.

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Well I’m not an expert lol but what seen vids