LF robot melter annointed. Corrosive jakobs gun

LF that corrosive jakobs gun annointed with either rakk attack gamma burst or wpn dmg ase. I know it’s a mega rare since it’s a quest reward but u never know. Anyone got it? Got lots to trade for it

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It can’t come anointed as far as I know bud. I’ve been trying to find one for a while and have even tried farming the quest reward multiple times and not one was anointed I’m sorry to say!

It wouldnt make sense for that to literally be the ONLY quest reward in the entire game to not come annointed lol

I know the amazing grace is the same way which really bites, but hopefully that will change at some point. Hopefully soon too lol

Dang that def needs to change ug that pistol would be like as good as the Maggie for takedown

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