LF : Roid Rough Rider, Any Anointed MIRV Tac Hex Grenade, Spiritual Driver for Amara

I have over 500 legendary items up for Trade. Let me know what your looking for, I probably have it!


Do you have a Maggie with 100% damage after an enemy is hit with rakk attack?

I will have a look

Thank you

I have a few Maggies but not the Rakk Anoint. Anything else your looking for? I have several really good Rakk anointed items!

Thank you for looking, do you have an adopting crader’s EM-P5?

Ive got an Anointed Zeroed EM-P5 with the Consecutive Hits Anointment

Ok, what do you want for it? Hopefully I have something

Im currently looking for the Roid Rough Rider, The Spiritual Driver class mod, Anointed MIRV Tac Grenades! Mainly the Roid Rough rider though

I literally just got a road rough rider with +80% melee damage, reduced incoming damage by 23% and +35% Max health and I may have a spiritual driver CM in bank and I’m going to check now

Wicked! Ill deffs trade ya for the Roid Rough Rider!!! I also have a Rakk Anointed Cryo Lucians Call as well I can trade too

Sure I just checked, unfortunately I don’t have a spiritual driver CM, I have three phasezerker CMs

No worries! I have about 10 of those CMs lol. Add me on PSN: D13S3Lx666

I got a meditative spiritual driver is be willing to trade. Psn FunkToe

Do you by chance have a damage annointed x2 Ogre? Either splash damage, named damage or preferably the +50% ELE damage would be ideal?

Or a Raging Bear class mod with +3 Stoke the Ember’s?

I will have a look and get back to ya!

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Cool. I’ve got a couple Mirvtacs with various annoints/elements and then I have a few of each annoint/element in Reccuring.

Do you have any “next 2 magazines +50 Elemental” Recursion or Cutsman?

I have the Driver

Just had a look and I dont have that class mod. I have an Engulfing Krovvy Ogre Anointed but its the while airborne, Fire rate is increased by 20%