LF Roid Rough Rider ( Xbox)

Let me know if you’re looking for anything specific for trade.

GT: LB Korpse

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Things I’m still looking for.

Flesh melter otto - ASE dmg, Corr dmg, (any)
Ice breaker otto - cryo efficiency, 40% mag size, (any)
Cutpurse Loaded Dice - health regen
EM-P5 ASE 100% dmg, rakk dmg
Everblast++ ASE 125% splash dmg (not corrosive)
Recursion ASE 100% dmg
Bangstick ×18 ASE 100% dmg (Epic)
Potent quickie x2 - 125% splash dmg

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I’m online now so whenever your ready send me a invite

May I have the rough rider?