LF Rough Rider and stuff

Rough Rider sheild with movement speed buff
Transformer shield with high cap or speed (low priority)

Otto Idol with slide boost.
The ultimate wet dream would be Snowdrift with a selection of the following (in order of priorority):

  • Magazine Size
  • Weapon Reload Speed
  • Movement Speed (if that’s even possible)
  • Damage Reduction
  • Max HP
  • FFYL Duration

I’d also be down to join/host a farming frenzy.

I’ve quite a few legendary artifacts. I will trade any of them for a slide boosting Otto Idol. I will trade ALL of them for an ideal Otto Idol with stats mentioned above.


I forgot to mention- I have a Breaker mod (S), Bear mod(G), and a bunch of stuff to trade. I don’t have that much anointed gear, but I do have a few items.

If you’re playing Zane I have a couple items you might be interested in.

I’m just looking for a Fire Scourge.

Here’s some other stuff I have

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I just traded my burning scourge a little while ago!!! D:<

I’ll check and see if I have anything else from your wanted list.

No worries if you don’t got anything i’m looking for.

Just let me know what you wanted from my list or those pics.

And send me a friend request at PSN: MrPeriodical

I managed to fine something from your wanted list! Do you still want that zane mod with PFOG +2?

Friend req sent.

Primary post updated.

Updated again for artifacts

I’ve acquired even more artifacts and gear to trade for my precious relic. Someone bring this prized jewel of the Lin Kuei to me, so I can finally have bank space again. T_T

I’ve acquired some Breaker Wards with 300% melee and a full stash of other stuff too sooooooooo…bump?

You still after a Rough Rider have an annointed moze one with nova?

Just got one. Does that one have any bonus stats aside from the anointment though?

Sent you it in mail check it out if ya dont like it scrap or pass it on buddy :smiley:

Aww man, I can’t use it the ways I build her. :frowning:

Evening bump.

Do you have a rakk pack mod?