Lf Rough Rider shield

I have alot of stuff to trade.

Thanks alot!!

PSN: jotheking

I have one, no anoint though.

Oh can you mail me one please ?

I need the shield! Got one I can trade or have?

Do you have any annoited 100% dam ase items or ase elemental dam shields? Or that nova frozen heart? I have annoited rough riders,

I’m also looking for a roid rough rider is anyone is willing to trade or sell it

I’ve got 1 you can have

Hey i would trade anything for a roid rough rider. Okease message me on psn LHBUCH

I only have normal 1s sorry

I have a ton of awesome stuff to trade/give if you can send a roid rough rider (any) my way
Thanks no matter what
PSN : the_fabeledAESOP

I have an extra normal rough rider you can add me @ OrbitOnyx

LF roid roughrider shield. Lmk if any has one would be appreciated.

If anyone on ps4 that has roid rough rider, I might have something to trade for it. Thanks

if anyone has a spare sheild they can get me, doesnt matter level please.

PSN Snuper

I am Also looking for a Rough Rider sheild, anointed or not, im on PS4 “Fountainofdew” currently online

I have an un-anointed raid rough rider. Looking for an annointed Shock Kings Call.

I have a rough rider with 20% cool down reduction anoint if anyone has some SNTNL or rakk gear. I also have a rough rider with I think a phaseslam anoint with damage reduction.

i have a annointed artice reflexive night hawk, after swapping places with clone ya weapon is reloaded…

a Rabid giant slayer bounty hunter, not annoited.

HMU Fountainofdew

dueling monocle , annoited , enimes hit by rakk take 100% more damage

I also have an anointed rough rider. I like the sound of the monocle.