LF Rough Rider, Stop Gap, Quasar

Looking for a rough rider, stop gap, and quasar. i’m not sure what the best stats are but will likely take anything level 50. feel free to ask if you’re looking for anything in particular and I’ll see if I have it.


  • Molly Gains Mind Sweeper (+1 redistribution, +2 Fire in the Skag Den, +2 Torgue Cross-Promotion) (+31% pistol damage, +20% cryo resistance, +10% atlas damage)
  • Fortified Desparate Bloodletter (+2 Desparate measures, +3 phalanx doctrine) (+18% weapon crit damage, +15% vladof fire rate, +20% corrosive resistance)
  • Bifurcated friendly friend-bot (+3 barbaric yawp, +2 all my bff’s) (+47% vladof weapons accuracy, +9% atlas damage, +9% Jakobs damage)
  • Feral Prideful Rakk Commander (+2 ferocity, +1 He bites, +2 eager to impress) (-18% damage reduction, +30 grenade damage, +15% dahl fire rate)
  • Annointed Double Penetrating Boring Gun (After swapping with digi-clone, this weapon is reloaded)
  • Itchy Devil’s Foursum (radiation)
  • 2 non-elemental rippers
  • 2 shock/cryo spinners
  • superball (fire)
  • roisen’s thorns (corrosive)

I have the rough rider for sure.

Hey I’ve got both a lobbed and homing Quasar and at least 1 stop-gap. Really interested in your bloodletter and friend bot mods

what are the shield parts on the stop-gap (if any?)

is there anything you’d like in return?

Just checked and I do not have a stop-gap. Totally my bad. I do have a rough rider tho, no bonus stats on it sadly

i’d be down to trade your rough rider for one of my class mods! which one do you think?

I’d be grateful for that Friend bot. Want a Quasar too to balance it out?

Psn is Vampra66it

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added you! my psn is moosicus. message me over there when you’re available since I get notifications from it on my phone

I added you! my psn is moosicus. DM me on psn when you’re down to trade, since I get notifications to my phone.

Hey! I’ve actually got a shop and I believe I have 2 of those 3 items if you would like to check it out and anything else you might need just let me know!

I linked it for you below. Happy Hunting!

I’m not sure if you have everything. I have a quasar and replicator stop gap. Interested in that bloodletter.