LF Rowan’s call

It has to be lvl 50 I perfer anointed and don’t care what element long as it’s. Good I’m. Zane FYI if you give me a anointed GT is last memory

Do you happen to have

Redundant Brainstormer anoited( on ASE the next 2 mags have 50% bonus elemental damage)

Lucians call fire/corrosive anoited (same as above)

Snowdrift/ ice breaket Otto idol/ victory rush with AS cool down / shotty damage / weapon damage / cryo damage?

DP Gratifying Laser Sploder corrosive w/ 1.5 zoom

I have 2 rowans call fire/ shock anoited( on ASE increase gun damage by 100%)

I’ll get to you later I’m busy part of the day

I also have a couple Rowan calls (I believe shock, fire and anointed: on ASE 2 mag deal 50% bonus (cant remember which element) damage) I’m willing to trade if you are interested. I’m looking for:

Weapons (preferably crossroad, breath of the dying, maggie, devastator) with Beastmaster Gamma Burst anointment

Legendary shields (preferably recharger) with: 5% health regen on full and anointment: 5% health regen on ASE

Legendary relics (preferably atom balm) with action skill cooldown, health regen and magazine size or some combo thereof.

Like I said I’m at work rn but I’ll be home 12ish my time I live in Ohio