LF: Rowan's Call, Dictator, Redistributor, + Misc Items. Have Lots To Trade!

Updated / PS4 LF:

Redistributor - (All Elements) Digi-Clone 130%
King’s / Queen’s Call - (Corrosive) - SNTNL 100%
Rowan’s Call (Corrosive) - SNTNL 100%
Rowan’s Call (Corrosive) - Rakk 100%
X6 Dictator (Corrosive) - Rakk 100%
Conference Call (Corrosive & Radiation) - SNTNL 100%
Mirv-Tacular Hex (Cryo) - ASE 50% Bonus Cryo

Any help is appreciated. Have lots to trade, click HERE for what I currently have.

Thanks in advance!

PSN: soulcydes

Hi I have the;

Fire cutsman for sntnl
Both transformers
Maggie with fire and rad on ASE

for your one pump chump. I also have ase 100% redistributors in corrosive, fire, shock and radiation

Hey off first glance I really like your Flesh Melter Otto Idol, Transformer with Rad damage and your RA dastardly Lucky 7. I can offer you the RA Bekah and x6 Fire and Rad RA Dictators

@soulcydes I have a vindicator ghast call not anointed though. I also have a incindiary redistributor 100 ASE. I’m definitely interested in you corrosive cutsman with SNTNL anointment.

Hi and thanks for the response! What would you like for them?

It seems that we are both currently looking for rakk attack gear. I’ll trade you one for ase 100% one pump chump as right now that what interest me

Vindicator Ghast call
Transformer ASE 50% shock
Hellwalker 100% Rakk Attack
Autoaime 100% Rakk Attack
Nukem 100% Rakk Attack

for your:
St4ckbot (25% weapon dmg, 31% pistol, 10% jakobs)
Spiritual Driver (18% weapon crit, 31% SMG, 31% AS cooldown)
Transformer terror ammo regen
Lucky 7 100% Rakk Attack
Maggie 100% Rakk Attack

I also have a spreadheet if you’d like anything else for your level 1 infinity pistol:


I have the vindicator ghast call, redistributors 100% ASE (shock, radiation, and cryo), cutsman digi-clone 130% (fire), cutsman ASE 100% (corrosive and shock), and transformers ASE 50% (shock and fire). Also have cryo Lucian’s Call Rakk 100% and other FL4k gear.

@ 42Base13

I’m interested in the Redistributer 100% ASE (shock & cryo), Fire Cutsman ASE 100% and your Cryo Lucians. DM for what you’d like in return. Thanks!

Okay I’ll look through your inventory and send you a FR later. Thanks.

I have this, but I am unable to open the document you linked (China blocks things).

Do you have any good anointed Red Suits? Something good for Zane, perhaps.


i have those

Interested in shock recursion for amara

Thanks to everyone that I traded with! Want-List updated!


Guns: https://imgur.com/gallery/oEhAXOI

Everything else: https://imgur.com/gallery/bwo6xLV

I have that shock Digi clone cutsman you’re looking for. Interested in either that annointed cryo hex or corrosive redistributor you’ve got for Moze

My PSN is Rchris92

i need redistributors 100% ASE (shock, radiation, and cryo)
i have

Got these dictators:
image image

Trade with the dastardly lucky 7 with rakk and the dastardly Maggie with rakk?

Add me if interested, psn: EV1LSHAD0WS

I have both. What’s your PSN?