LF Rowans Call (Non Incendiary)

LF Rowans Call of any element other than Incendiary.

Let me know what you’re interested in trading it for and I’ll see if I have it.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You have any of these?

Radiation Barrage w/ zoom
Incendiary or radiation Warlord w/ zoom
Incendiary or Radiation Kaos w/ zoom
Legendary shield with over 15K capacity

I do not, sorry.

I got shock and radiation I believe I check when I get home

Need spolder rifles and the dictator all elements looking for better stats.

Cutsman fire rifle as well

I believe I have a Sploder Rifle and I definitely have a Incendiary Cutsman.
I’ll have to check on the Sploder when I get home late tonight.

GT: TruthfullyGrim

Send me a message or give me your GT and we’ll link up later.
I’m interested in either element, more so the Shock but I’d take Rad too.

Added you I’m on now just offline send me message here. Outlawkillerz is my gt

Okay, I won’t be off work and online for a little more than 4 more hours. I’ll message you then.

Ok I try to stay up it be close to 1am haha est.

Yeah I’m EST too. I’m off work 1130. Will be home and online about midnight.

Very cool! Definitely want the Shock one. I’ll get pics of the Cutsmen soon as I get home and check for the Sploder.

I’m online now, added you.


Looking for 2k binary cutsman and the laser really need shock fire versions.

Looking for the Dictator weapons and class mods for zane.

Alright I’ll keep my eye out for any of those cause I’d really like to trade for your Shock Rowans, thanks!

What specific class mods for Zane? I have a few.

Turret or digi clone skills

Assault rifle damage or SMG
Cooldown rate
Hp or shield Cryo damage

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