LF Rowans Call with 50 % cryo while sntnl is active, Scoville x2 50% while sntnl

Have stuff to trade
A lot for Zane and Amara

50% cryo while sntnl weapons (Redistributor all elements, Maggie, Dictator x6, Cutsman and more)

ICE breaker artifacts

Band of Sitorak with movement speed while sntnl is active

And a lot 100% ASE weapons
50% ASE shields
50% ASE mods

Some great seeing dead coms
like 5 Points in Donny Brook and 25% weapon Damage
Also have one with 25% weapon Damage 31% SMG damage and 45% Hyperion Crit damage

Driver Coms

Rakk Pakk com

Just let me know what you need




I have the rad Queen’s Call SNTNL 50% cryo.

What do you want in return ?

Do you have dictators x6 SNTNL 50% cryo in elements other than cryo and rad?

I only have a non Elemental one with x6 and 50% cryo while sntnl is active


No worries. I sent you a PM.