LF rowens, lucians, elemental projector artifact, and siren annointed stop gap (have) see picture

This zerker

Do you still have hellwalker? I have an anointed Luciano if you wanna trad

gt is dnaker

Yup! I do. Add me xbox evabizzy

Sancruary in bank

I have to go get it out of my bank brb

Have some projector artifacts, as well as a shock recurring hex, etc. Would be interested in both class mods. GT is Phoenix Wright6, send a message and I’ll be on in a little while.

You’re going to have to add me. I cant find you. Evabizzy is my xbox

Alright. I’ll be on in a bit

I did add you.

I need it I have hellwalker

You need what?

Do you still have the phasezerker? I have a couple things on your list.