LF Sanctified Batty Blast Master

Looking for the above item. Will trade either a Radiation Reoccurring Hex or Rain Firestorm or Molten Vicious Lyuda

I have one +2 to vampire +3 to pull the holy pin.

+1666 shield cap
+31 smg dmg
+27% nade radius

Would be intrested in the lyuda

If you’re still interested add me on Xbox GT BLVK21

Anything else you may want? Looking for rad recurring hex brother haven’t seen anyone with one on here but you

I could also use weapons that are phasegrasp/Phasecast anointed. Lmk

Still interested btw so if you have it i got a hex for you

So an anointed molten vicious Lyuda. Lmk

I no longer have one but I will be on the look out for you