LF Sandawks/Kaosans/Insiders/Lyudas/Rowans call(fire)

I am looking for the following items all M10 with specific annoints

-Fire Sandhawk 200asa full auto (9k dmg+)

  • Coro sandhawk 200asa full auto (9k dmg+)
    -Fire sandhawk 150 rad full auto (9k dmg+)
  • Corro sandhawk 150 rad full auto(9k dmg+)
    -Rad sandhawk 150 rad Full auto(9k dmg+)

All must be x1
Every element accept fire and i need it to have a mag size of 25 all Consecutive Hits

Insider(NEED x10-12)

  • Any elemnt combo 150 rad
  • Any element combo 500 elemental bonus crit

Lyudas(will consider CH just have to see it)
Annexed or regular mg sze must be 16+
Fire 200 asa
Corrosive 200 asa
shock 200asa

Rowans call Fire 200asa

i have alot of meta weapons with alot of annoitns and a crap ton of class mods for every character.

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If u still need Fire and corrosive sandhawk 50/150 9k+. Lemme know psn- sacrew

i definetly do

My psn glitched for whatever reason. But yes corro and fire

Have an Insider Rad/Cor 50/150, got any 50/150 soulrenders or backburners?

Yea i have a rad one with 150 as far as soulrender

Already have a rad one, what about a skull masher or cocky bastard?

EDIT forget it I don’t think it is X10, sorry.


Sent you Roman’s call

Say lesssss brooo i appreciate it. You looking for anything?

Thanks but not at the moment

also got a rowans call fire 200asa… lemme know if you still need it.

just curious… what’s your play style with rowans call?

Lol keep firing and never reload or exit fade-away :joy: I just like the wep that’s all it ain’t special on m10