Lf Sapper mod please?

Playing as Moze and all I’m getting are Fl4k mods :sweat_smile:

Looking for a sapper with as many damage bonuses to different gun types . Let me know if I can give anything in return !

I have a couple, not great ones, but LF Dahl and Hyperion rolls…

Lol I see your Fl4k. Drowning in moze sapper mods huh ?

If you dont mind I’ll take one or both, preferably thr one with pistol and SMG damage? My psn is evenflow80

Looking for anything in particular?

Boom Sickles, just like everyone else

:sob::sob::sob: lol I feel you on that one bro

I have many of them… just haven’t gotten my Gamma anoint

Wait…even. ASE 100?..

I probably have 8 or 9 Boom Sickles with various anoints. I believe I have kinetic and radiation is ASE 100. Oh and cryo ASE 100

Looking for anything for that kinetic lol? And do you have any iron bear anoints?

Nothing Iron Bear… everything I have can be used with fl4k

Ah okay. Is their any other gamma sht your looking for or ase weps for f4lk?

Skullmasher with gamma

I have a shock gamma burst boom sickle if you’re interested. You have a cryo sntnl boom sickle?

I have the Storming Boom Sickle with Gamma burst already. If you find one of the other ones, I am offering 5 items from my list

deng, ok

What you looking for? Ill trade for the sapper

Things I am looking for:
Incendiary Boom Sickle Gamma burst and ASE 100…
Dictator x6 corrosive consecutive hits…
Soulrender Corrosive with Gamma anoint…
Soulrender consecutive hits (any except radiation)…
Dastardly Skullmasher consecutive hits…
Dastardly Clairvoyance masher consecutive hits or next 2 mags cryo…
Redundant Brainstormer gamma burst mag size 6… Vigorous Scovillex2 with splash 125 anoint…