LF: Scoped unforgiven with 400+ crit dmg %

have alot of high tier amara weapons with anointed +250% after phasecast

I have one. It’s a trick with 432% crit damage. It also has a 5.0x weapon zoom. What are some of the items you have for amara?

phasecast 250% fire crossroad, same anointement on a fire laser sploder, shock rowans and hellwalker(didnt even know it could get other anointments than 75% dot)

If I could get the fire laser-sploder for it that would be great. My GT is jflake05. Also I won’t be able to trade or send it to you until I get off work which will be about 10-11 hours from now, so 5:00 PM EST or so.

sounds good

Possible to get a copy of that 432% Trick Unforgiven?

GT: Dawggy

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Surely have something to entice…
Recurring Cryo Hex, few Phasezerker mods, nice 621 Lucian’s Call, Butcher (Fire,Cryo), few Flakkers…

Send me a GT and what looks good to you. I’ll be on at some point this evening, and can work it out. Cheers!