LF: Scourge H: almost everything probably

hey there! I am looking for a FIRE Scourge and a CRYO Scourge.

I can most likely offer anything basic that you need, maybe some more specific stuff, just let me know!

EpicName: SmokinDice

Hullo. dont know if your still lookin for it, but i’ve been holdin on to a fire scourge. thought it was neeto, if ya want it

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I am also looking for the scourge, pbclown is my name on epic, I’m on pc

I would really much enjoy one yes :slight_smile:
My epicname is: SmokinDice

Addin ya boyo. hopefully its one ya want

accepted, A fire scourge will help a lot! :slight_smile:

well i might not be as attentive on this site. just gimme a heeyo if you ever see me playin b3.