LF Scourge Launcher

Can trade a few specifics lmk what you wanna trade.

Do you have any zane class mods or cry relics?

Nah bud sorry, will get back to you if i get any

Have elemental projector?

I have a bunch of zane mods. What are you looking for?

Cold Warrior with 4+ in Synchronicity.

I have a scourge do u have any lucians calld?


I think I have one with 3 in it. I was so close getting the one with sychronicity +4 in it. I got that mod but it had the plus 1 in it and the plus 4 in the other perk -_-

@colbykente912 I have an annoited lucians call cryo with 120% damage when swapping between clones. Is yours a fire scourge?

No I think its radiation