LF Scourge STNL Cryo Annointed

Looking for the launcher for my Zane build.

I have a lot for trade just let me know!

Thanks guys!!
PSN : JBenQc

Been farming for this and trying to trade for one a longtime on Xbox myself. No luck. Just like with the Lyudas and SNTL 100%, i am starting to wonder if even come with it

damn ;(

I have a kinetic shredded scourge sntnl anointed, do you have a sntnl anointed skeksil shock or a sledge shotgun gamma anointed?

I have some good skeksil for Amara or 100% Ase I think

Thanks but I have the phasecast set for Amara

Still looking for Scourge can find a good one :frowning:

I have an annoited non elemental one. Have any seeing dead mods with good good stats or other worthwhile SNTL cyro weapons?

I have some redistributor anointed 100% ase or 100% cryo zane and some good seeing dead yes

One of your seeing dead mods then please. What stats do they have?