LF Seein' Dead +5 or +4 in donnybrook

Have plenty to trade including God roll seeing dead mods

s-l400 (12)


Do you have any really good flak modes for 50+ jw

I have alot of awesome FL4K mods if you have awesome Zane mods with +4 or +5 in donny brook with awesome stats.

No this is My only character I wish I could have something for Zane but I don’t sry

This sucks I don’t have any Zane modes but thank you

Thank you for your help and response :upside_down_face:

Ill work with you to help you out


what do you mean?

Later we can go over what we have and ill make sure we will get a trade done.

good luck best I got so far is weapon damage, smg damage then -18% damage reduction, (though looking for one myself with what I got now but instead of damage reduction I want cooldown which seems hard to find)

How many points in playing dirty and donnybrooke?

We that would have been a great idea but since the last patch everything I had in my Bank and all of my golden keys have vanished and I’m waiting for a response from 2k buy they are gone till after the 2nd so I’m just screwed lmao and I’m not making this up they just ■■■■■■ me ass backwards

Thank you for your response

I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure +5 in any one skill isn’t possible on a COM. It’s always going to have at least two skills, so the best you can get is +4 in one of them. Otherwise, GL with your search (if you were on Xbox I’d be happy to help you).

You’re wrong I have at least a half dozen + Mods and just got a +5 Seein Dead.

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Seriously? Can you link a pic? I’ve never seen one drop, and I’ve seen about 50 of these COMs while farming.

EDIT: Thanks for the pic. That must be amazingly rare. In the hundreds of hours I’ve played this game, I’ve never seen a COM with a single skill like that. Guess I’ve got some more farming to do…

Hey I have a legendary assault rifle for the The character with the iron Bear (Amara I think lol) it’s called negating the dictator it’s got 110% cryo damage always -23 weapon damage a 40 clip uses 2 ammo 1.5 zoom slows enemies anointed gunner. After exiting the iron Bear the next 2 mags will have 40% bonus incendiary damage. It’s all u have bc it was in my inventory so it wasn’t patched away like all keys and All Bank items. Oh one more thing it’s lvl 42 damage of 108x6 57% accuracy 58 handling 2.9s reload time 9.45/s fire rate and a 40 magazine. I know it’s not a lvl 50 but it’s all I have that’s really just bc I didn’t store it in the magician’s magic disappearing items in my Bank and gold key collection lmao and that he can’t make them reappear just guess he did the spell wrong forgot the reappearing part of it and he ■■■■■■ up All the hundred of hours of game play to aquire my legendaries I sent a very lengthy inquary and notified them at 2k of the course of action I expect to be receiving since I spent 100’s hours of hours of My preashis time and will never get back time and all I can do is just go on with my actual life and demand compensation for the games servers and companies ■■■■ up

You dont back up your save???

It happens I didnt until the first round of bank vault robberies. I lost everything.