LF / Seein Dead class mod : lots to trade

Looking for a very specific Seeing Dead class mod for my Zane, 25% weapon dmg, 31% smg, and 10% hyperion or maliwan weapon dmg.

I understand that is pretty much the Zeus of all rolls, so I’ll trade a Gods ransom for it. Have lots of siren annoited weapons, annoited transformers, Maggie’s, cutsmans, recursion, DP lasersploders, etc etc

I have one that’s weapon damage smg damage and cooldown rate

You can add me Psn is OrbitOnyx

Awesome man. I’ll add you in a few. What you need in return?

If you have any 100% ase weapons that would be good

Got plenty. Recurions, maggie, Redistributors, brainstormer. Any specific?

Recursion and redistributer would be nice

I’ll send both

Sent my dude. Thank you so much