Lf | Seein Dead class Mod with

+4 or 5 Donnybrook. Preferred rolls gun dmg, SMG dmg, and AS cooldown but let me know what you got and what you need!

I literally have the same one lol looking for better rolls

Looking for shotguns with 40% damage while sliding

STNTL bonus cryo stuff especially a devils foursum.

Nimble Jack shotgun with good anointment.

Better Ice Breaker Victory Rush

250% Phasecast corrosive Infinity or any elemental 300% slam infinity.

And I have one with zero points in Donnybrook but the perks you’re looking for. Good luck, but these mods are dropping like flys, so it shouldn’t take too long to find what you want.

Mag, smg and crit with +4 in donny is the one I’d like good sir. You want sntl stuff? Weapons I have queens call, cutsman, and a redistributor I believe. Not sure on the victory rush though

I don’t have a Queens call for STNTL so I’ll trade you.

PSN jorgeammo

Sounds good, sending now

Hi, i’m looking for seein dead too. I have some Victory Rush artifact. My PSN ChoiGameChung