LF Seein' Dead for SMG

SMG dmg,
Hyperion Crit dmg,
weapon dmg/Hyperion dmg/fire rate

Epic ID: Bra2ha_

Looking for same one bro lol. I got one with 2 out of 3 after 30+ hours of farming and 500+ com drops… I did get a bad ass one for AR. weap damage, jacobs crit, and AR damage.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Are they world drop?

I have “Seein’ Maggie” :laughing:
wpn dmg
Jacobs crit
pistol dmg

and for SMG I use
splash dmg
wpn dmg
SMG dmg

I got a good maggie drop with the barrier accuracy and crit damage annoint. it shreds with a com i got just a little less worse than yours lol.

I have gotten several seein dead from Freddie. I’ll check my inventory and see if I have an SMG one