LF Seein Dead mod

Specially one with +5 in Donnybrook.

I have lots to trade, just let me know what you’re looking for.

I have a +5 donnybrook but passives aren’t great. 10% hyperion dmg, 10% tediore dmg, 31% AR dmg.

That’s alright! Is there anything you’re looking for?

have any after exit iron bear +160 splash or next 2 mags +125 fire weapons?

I have an Annexed ION Cannon Xs 2, 160% increased splash damage.

Combustor band of sitorak, entering and exiting iron Bear, create Nova that deal 20448 damage.

I’ll trade for the ion cannon, by mail or in-game?

By mail is fine, I’ll include the shield also.

What is your GT?

thanks man! my gt: gvon88

what’s yours?


I thought I added you previously, we’re friends already on here.

And sent!

I knew your name looked familiar! Thanks, yours will be sent in a min!

Thank you kindly!