LF Seein' Dead mod

Hi! Looking for Zane’s “Seein’ Dead” mod. I have a lot of legendaries. Tell me what you need and I’ll check if I have it :smiley:

I’ve got one at home - should be there in an hour or so. I’ll reply back in a bit.

Same, your welcome to what I have, dont play Zane. This one just dropped

Wow thank you @allenandginter ! What’s your epic games id? ^^

@Adabiviak If you have one with sniper or smg bonus dmg i’d take it ^^

Sorry, ArthriticGamers

I’ll mail if after I get request on epic

Request sent ^^

Sorry for delay. I forget things . Sent

No problem at all. Thank you!! :smiley:

It’ll be a few hours from the time of the post before I’m in my bank to check, hang on.

Sorry about that - got super busy at work. Here’s what I have (not what you have in mind, depending on the manufacturer). Let me know if you want it.