LF Seein' Dead & Spy

Looking for a Seein’ Dead with +5 to Donnybrook, and a Spy with +4 Commitment & +1 Our Man Flynt

Ideal stat rolls: generic weapon damage, smg/shotgun damage, splash damage, action skill damage (sense a theme?)

I’ve got plenty of gear to trade, so just let me know what you’re looking for!

PSN: Sigred_Caewyn

Add me, will send you both.

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Awesome, thanks! Anything you’re looking for?

I’m after phasezerker COM with splash/weapon damage and AS cooldown.
Anarchy x20 CH ( mainly cryo )

Sorry the only PZs I currently have only have 1-2 good stats, but I’ll keep my eye out for both

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Might you have another seeing dead like that?

I do yes. Add me

I will add you tonight, is that okay (at work atm)? My PSN is Branem :slight_smile:

No problem, i live in Europe so maybe i’ll see it tomorrow( for me).


I sent you a friend req, I’ll be online for a little while tonight (I also live in EU). Hit me up when u read this :slight_smile: