Lf seein dead w pistol damage, weapon damage

Looking for a seein dead mod with weapon and pistol damage and a good 3rd also. Have lots to trade in return!

Got one with Weapon DMG/Pistol DMG/SMG DMG.

Looking for:

  • Nukem with 125% splash on ASE/Iron Bear splash anoint
  • Cryo/Rad Redistributor with Gamma anoint
  • Lump x2 any element with Gamma anoint
  • Dictators x6 (or 3) with Gamma
  • Kyb’s x3 with big mag size (between 30 and 40) with Iron Bear anoint

Sorry looking for one without smg in the 3rd slot.

Got another one with Weapon DMG/Pistol DMG/Increased mag size +24%

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Oh yea keen on that. Add kirkvisa. I’ve got a x4 kybs, 37 mag with iron bear 160 splash anoint

X3 I mean

Sent :slight_smile: enjoy !

Thanks! Will send the kybs in a minute :blush:

All sent :grin: thanks again!

You welcome, thanks to you too, enjoy your game :smiley:

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