LF Seein' Dead w/ smg/wpn/hyp. or mali. dmg

Doesn’t have to be god roll. Any or all of those bonuses would great. Better than the charge speed melee dmg corrosive resist I’m rocking. Not too concerned with skill bonus distribution either.

Got one with wpn dmg/smg dmg/hyperion crit dmg. Do you have any Otto idol with assault rifle dmg

No unfortunately just started collecting those. Thanks anyway. Will send one your way when I come across it.

Do you have any Otto idols with movement speed increase and either smg damage or area of effect damage increase

Lvl 53 on that mod?

Hey mate. could you send me one of this sweet mod? came back to this game a few days ago and didnt find one single seein dead mod yet. gamertag is Traffy94. would appreciate it very much

That’ll work. What sort of weapons/mods do you need?

Add mightguyyo and message me on psn

I think I have an otto idol like that

What do you want for it
Added you

I’m looking for good shields now