Lf seein dead with pistol,weapon and cryo or splash damage

Ps4, I’m looking for a seein dead mod with weapon damage, pistol damage, and either cryo or splash damage. If you have one it would be much appreciated :grin:
Psn: kirkvisa


Mightguyyo add me I may have something you want

Alright I will! Cheers man


Looking for the same thing. But weapon dmg/pistol dmg/ and another decent stat

I do have one with pistol, weapon and smg if your interested tho. Do you have a cryo hex with the 25% damage anoint?

I have that exact one lol

The seein dead or the hex? Lol

The seein dead

Ah damn it haha

I got what your looking for in 50 but not 53

Ah ok. Bugger, after a 53 variant of it. Thanks tho