LF Seein Dead with Weapon dmg and pistol dmg


Have lots to trade let me know what you need

PSN: Mattgamer87

123 bump



Are you picky about the skill point allocation and whether the com is 50 or 53?

Nope not picky, but a little dependent on the 3rd stat

Yah that’s the one that I got

I can check my bank here in a minute. I know I have a pistol one or two, but cant remember the secondary or tertiary stats

My pistol Damage one is a 53

Pistol Damage
Weapon Damage
Reload Speed

+2 PD, +1 VV, +2 Donnybrook

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Ooooo I very much would like that one. What do you want for it

You wouldn’t happen to have a cryo kaos with SNTL Cryo damage anoint, would you?

Other than that, looking for a breath of the dying with the same and a cryo scourge with the SNTL anoint, but the Kaos is my top farming run right now

Whats your PSN by the way, I can get the com sent

PSN: Mattgamer87

Unfortunately I don’t have any of the following that you listed, is there anything else. I’ve just recently started farming dahl weapons so I dont have much right now other than star helix with sntl

Whats the element on that star helix?

Request sent. Im gonna send you the com regardless

The com has been sent, bud

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Ty so much one helix is rad and cryo I think, cant remember the other one

I have a rad one, but could use a cryo one. Either way, if you dont have it, no biggie, just keep me in mind if you come across that cryo kaos, or anything interesting

Yup for sure, I’ll check when I get home