LF seing dead with shotgun and splash damage

Tell me what you need and I ll see if I have

Looking for a ST4KBOT class mod with SMG and Weapon damage. Snowdrift Otto Idol or Victory Rush artifacts with Assault Rifle Damage and Magazine Size or Sniper Rifle Damage and Magazine Size. Also looking for a Rad Soulrender with ASA or ASE and a Fire Recursion with 150% Rad under 50% Health

For the rad soulrender I suppose a phaseslam ase is too specific?otherwise I ll try to get you another one

Add me and I’ll send you the com

PSN: Mattgamer87

Thanks! I ll add you now psn RHAAAALoovely

I’ll send it a little later

ok I sent you the rad phaseslam soulrender not sure if it is what you are after. I ll continue killing Tom and Xam and send you if I find a ras ase or asa

Not the annointment I need, but if you do find any good soulrender let me know