LF Select Lv 50 Rares, Please

Hey guys.

Not sure how many people are hanging on to their level 50 gear anymore, but I could really use a few things to bring my Aurelia into UVHM.

I am looking for (all at level 50):

Celestial Baroness Class Mod
Ice Queen Class Mod
Creme de la Creme Class Mod
Instant / Express Purple Shield
Sticky Homing Cryo Transfusion Grenade Purple
Avalanche Shield
Meteor Belt Shield
Arctic Tranquility Com
Arctic Support Relay
Frostfire (possible?)
Cryo Ol’ Rosie
E Gun
Cryo Fatale
Major Tom

I know it’s a somewhat long list, but Aurelia is somewhat fragile and I know UVHM is going to be hard enough without top gear.

I have traded with many of you before, I have TONS of Legendaries at all levels from 7-late 40’s to give or trade in exchange for what I need.

Please reply to this thread, send me a private message, or add PotteryShards on PSN if you can help me out!

Thank you very much in advance!

No it’s not. TPS UVHM is much better than BL2 UVHM. And you’ll be co-oping it with my Athena. And I have a co-op COM for you anyways. Don’t feel like you need top-of-the-line gear to do well in UVHM, because you don’t. I won’t be using top gear until level 60. The only early problem will be Deadlift, and my Athena is CS, so shock gets a buff.

Fair enough, but i still want it all!


Still looking, guys, please let me know if you can help me out!

I’d still rather have you wear the COM I’m going to give you. It gives +6 to Keep Your Chin Up, which means that when I kill an enemy, you instantly gain 20.9% health. And I’ll be Blood Rushing everywhere being a constant agro. And I have Clear!, so I’ll be able to instantly second wind you if need be. Your survivablility will be just fine. :smile:

I understand, buddy.

Still, if anyone can help me with that gear, it would be greatly appreciated!

For my OCDhoarding, if for no other reason!

Shakes fist and grumbles incoherently.


I’ve got tons of level 50 stuff (from so much farming/hoarding back before the level increase) & can get you some (a few!) of these. I mean, you don’t want to be dependent on some other player, right?! When will you be on (time zone)? I’m bevross on the PSN (U.S.A. EST)


Ill be on around or just before 3 pm mountain tine, so very soon here!

Cdr_shepard i am online now and sent you a friend request

Yeah, saw your friend request but was only on for a few minutes. I’ll be on ~9 - 10 EST for a while (6 -7 for you?) Otherwise, tomorrow.