LF Sellout Pistol (low level)

Hey does someone have a sellout pistol below lvl 30?

PSN= Sinsinatti

OAS = on start of action skill
AAS = after action skill

Can trade:

  • Diluvian Firestorm
  • Recouring Hex (cryo, shock)
  • MIRV Tacticular hex (shock, rad)
  • Butcher (A) (shock, normal) 100% damage ASE
  • Crossroads (fire) (A) 125% damage ASE boss, badass
  • Transformer (A) movementspeed after ASE

and a few other guns! Just ask and we’ll find something usefull

Hey I’ve got a lv 27 sellout, mind trading for the cryo recurring hex? my psn is Jef_0240 and I’m online rn if you are.

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Nice! You’ve got mail! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, just sent you the Sellout as well. Enjoy!