LF shield with ammo regen while terrified

I can trade if you want a lot of my stuff is has +50% cryo dmg while SNTL is active among other things in my bank. And if anyone happens to have a redistributed in any element I will be willing to trade for that as well I’m look for radiation and electric elements on it

I’ve got at least a couple of them. Do you have any Lyuda’s, Craps, Dictator, Bekah’s with 50% cryo dmg while SNTNL is active

I have a fire Lydia with +cryo when sntl active I also have a cryo crossroads with it

Got transformer with ammo regen and fire cutsman with +50 stnl, what do u have?

What are you looking for

Cutsmans +50 stnl shoick and corrosive, god rolled dlc class mods, fire/cyro ion cannon x2+125 ase,stagecoach x26, lumps x2

if the mag size is over 16 you have a deal

Okay I’m at work right now but I can tell you in like 4 hours when I get home if that’s good with you I’m pretty sure it’s 25 though

Sorry mag size is 15

Here are some of the things I have fro trade

Anyone willing to trade?