LF Shields lots to offer

Simple request - looking for Transformer and Stop Gap shields, annointed +50 ASE or other annointments. I have lots to trade, will make it worth your while.

GT is conch8 xb1

Have you got red suit shield with sntnl annoint for Zane or radiation hex with on throw 25? I got transformer ASE if you have either.

No shield, my rad hex is plain, sorry

are you still looking I think I have a 50% ASE fire stop gap.

I found my shields, thanks though, If I can help just let me know

Hi, I can send you 3 transformers ASE - Shock, Radiation, and Cryo. Same deal, just send me three items. Maybe a R4KK P4k mod and Rack attack gear, or SNTNL gear. Let me know. Thanks Tom

Cool that, I have all Cutsman in STNL, think one Rakk Mod, will look a little later when I get back home,

Glad you got it. I’m not looking for anything specific yet.

Sounds great, 2 Cutsman and a R4KK P4K (vs Rack commander), otherwise 3 Cutsmans. Thanks Tom

I will send you the Cutsman no strings attached. I no longer need the Transformers. You have Band of Sitorak? Anything else groovy. No sweat, the guns will head your way later tonight. (-:

yes but not anointed. I will send you that and two other items. thx

There you go, Tom, cheers!

Hi Konk,
Have you come across any R4KK P4K class mods? The two I have do not have very good skills or stats. Let me know. Thanks Tom GT= Tom dot66

I will look tomorrow, don’t think the one(s) I have are worthy.

Thanks so much. Send the gear over for a test drive and I will send the gear back with some extra goodies. Thanks