LF : Shields,Urad,phasecast & slam stuff / (H) : List in the thread

Sup boys,

Firstly,my item list :
https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQBhYzThI_DNNRe0uEo58YJZU37h9gOU5yZLGUN7RPMmSggi85Nc1PsJcUuGkYhLYpTpYIX0w9PJWVn/pub 23

And now,all the lovely things i would like ( lvl 65 M10 & no kinetic ) :

Shields :

  • Void Rift ASS
  • Madcap 3 AMP rolls with 50% ASE or ASS
  • One Shotter shield with 50% ASE ( except cryo ) or ASS

250% phasecast :

  • Boogeyman x2 (except in shock)
  • Dark Army
  • Kaos ( except in fire)
  • Monarch x4 corro /x8 cryo-corro
  • Light show in cryo
  • x3 full auto Starved Beast in cryo-shock-fire
  • x2 full auto Kaoson
  • Plaguebearer cryo

300% slam :

  • Boogeyman x2
  • Beacon x2 cryo
  • Dark Army
  • Kaos
  • Monarch x4 corro-cryo / x8 corro-cryo
  • Light show cryo -fire
  • x3 full auto Starved Beast
  • x2 full auto Kaoson

Urad :

  • Kaos corro -rad
  • Kaoson ( except fire )

I would also be interested in an Ice breaker victory Rush with melee dmg,cryo dmg and AS cooldown/AoE

I might have a One Shotter, not 100% on the anointment though.

Ok, One Shotter is 50% Cryo ASE. Interested?

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This One Shotter would be lovelyyy
What do u want in return man’ ?

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That’s tough. You have so many things I want. Lol
Consec. Kaoson x2 Full Auto Rad
The Splash shock Prompt Crit/Scoville sound nice too.
Or even the Cryo Old God with Cryo ASE


Only tough if we apply the 1 for 1 item rule…
But if we decide to apply the 1 for 4 one,it will make things easier i guess.
Ahah’ i will send all the items u mentionned bruh,i’m gonna add u soon

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Thankks, my mans. The struggle is real in these trying times

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